How to Participate in the LIFT Event

sunflowerMembers of the Sunshine Coast Community are invited to apply to be a presenter at any of the LIFT Inspirational and Educational Speaker Series events.

The following are the guidelines for speakers at the free event.

  • Your speech is inspirational and educational in nature and within that parameter, you can talk about your work, your hobbies, your passions, your stories.
  • Each meeting has a theme. Some past themes have been Closing the Gap, Living in Harmony, and The Best is Yet to Come. Your speech doesn’t have to be on the theme topic directly but should link to it in some way.
  • For information about the timing of your talk please contact the coordinators as times vary from event to event.
  • Each speaker is requested to send a title and a 4-5 sentence introduction about three days ahead. The intro is not really biographical, more like a hook to intrigue people about your topic and make them want to listen. You can find tips for writing your intro here.
  • If you are a speaker at any of the events, any mention of it to friends or on Social Media platforms is appreciated. The event coordinators post the event on Facebook in several community information groups, and in local offline media.
  • The venue is usually open 30 minutes ahead of the start time. The lunchtime events start at 12:15 and the evening events start at 7 pm. The location of the event is listed on the event page. For now it’s the Arts Building at 464 S Fletcher.

If you have questions, please email me from the contact page