Be Inspired. Learn Stuff.

The LIFT event is an event designed to inspire, uplift and challenge listeners.

  • The daytime events start at 12:15 and the two evening events start at 7 pm. The lunchtime events last about an hour and the evening events are approx 2 hours including a break for conversation and light refreshments. (There is no break for the lunchtime events.)
  • The lunch time events have a featured speaker who will speak for 20-25 minutes, and two additional speakers who will speak for 5-7 minutes.
  • The two evening events in Feb and Apr will have special themes. Donations for refreshments are appreciated.
  • All events are FREE! Join us even if you have to slip out early.
  • Each session has a general theme and is casual, conversational, and informal.
  • Everyone in the community is invited to participate and share ideas, work or passions. While we don’t have formal content guidelines, the overall theme is inspirational. More guidelines here.

To sign up as a presenter, please send your request to .

Include your contact details and the length of your presentation.

Our schedule for 2017 - 2018 is as follows. 

Nov 17, 12:15 pm  ~ Theme The World Through Different Eyes
Jan 19, 12:15 pm ~ Theme TBA
Feb 16, 7 pm ~ Theme TBA
Apr 20, 7 pm ~ Theme TBA
May 18, 12:15 pm ~ Theme TBA

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